Equip employees to compare healthcare options with complete transparency

With Predictabill, employees can confidently evaluate healthcare benefits from all eligible sources to make smarter, more cost-effective healthcare choices that benefit themselves, their families, and their employers.

Why Predictabill?

Protect employee and employer budgets from runaway healthcare costs

The average employee will accrue around $9,000 in healthcare costs each year, and those with chronic conditions and dependents can easily exceed $500,000.


As health plan sponsors, employers bear the brunt of this financial burden, but employees and their families feel the pain of high healthcare costs too.

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Reduce complexity with comprehensive coverage comparison

Breaking down healthcare plan options based on employee needs helps companies reduce unnecessary cost and maximize investment in benefits.

With our personalized approach, employees can more effectively compare all of the coverage options available to them, including:

  • Options offered by your organization
  • Plans available through a spouse’s employer
  • Options for adult children turning 26
  • Comparison of COBRA to the Marketplace

Here’s how Predictabill helps employees find their perfect fit health plan:

Employers Input Plans and Authenticate Employee Access

Employers add plan offerings, including waivers, surcharges, and other incentives and designate which employees have access to which premium tiers.

Employees Enter Their Preferences and Add Other Eligible Plans

Employees fill out a quick questionnaire to share their health needs and preferences, and upload Benefit Guides for their spouses, children, COBRA or any other eligible plans.

Personal Employee Dashboards and Employer Impact Reports

Employees receive their dashboard and recommendation.

Employers get an overview of the financial impact to their corporate P&L.

Ready to get started?

Select a plan or book a demo to see what Predictabill can do for you:
Where do we get our data? Plans are provided by our clients or client plan member spouses, children, or parents, and are verified by Predictabill experts. Learn more by booking a demo.

What our clients are saying

“Predictabill has really supported us in navigating an overwhelming amount of information. You've filtered it down to what's really important.”

“Predictabill has been very easy to work with. Not only have their services improved employees' understanding and utilization of available offerings, but they've also helped our HR/Benefits team save time explaining the benefit options.”

“In the vast field of decision support tools, I found Predictabill's output to be the most straightforward side-by-side analysis comparing plan design, premium, and cost.”

Ready to elevate benefits management at your company? Meet with our team to learn how Predictabill can help.