Equip employees to compare healthcare options with complete transparency

With Predictabill, employees can confidently evaluate healthcare benefits from all eligible sources to make smarter, more cost-effective healthcare choices that benefit themselves, their families, and their employers.

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Why Predictabill?

Protect employee and employer budgets from runaway healthcare costs

The average employee will accrue around $9,000 in healthcare costs each year, and those with chronic conditions and dependents can easily exceed $500,000.


As health plan sponsors, employers bear the brunt of this financial burden, but employees and their families feel the pain of high healthcare costs too.

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Guide employees to their best plans with comprehensive coverage comparisons

Employees want to feel confident in their healthcare coverage decisions, but without personalized guidance, choosing a plan feels like taking a shot in the dark. 


Predictabill illuminates the best path forward for each employee based on their particular preferences and coverage options.

Provide personalized guidance to keep company costs under control

With our personalized approach, employees can more effectively compare all of the coverage options available to them, including:

  • Coverage options offered by your organization
  • Plans available through a spouse’s employer
  • COBRA vs. the Marketplace 
  • Options for adult children turning 26

Guiding employees to the right plan for their needs helps companies reduce unnecessary costs and maximize their investment in healthcare benefits.

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Here’s how we help employees find their perfect fit health plan in a few simple steps:

Share needs and preferences

Employees fill out a quick questionnaire to share their health needs and preferences, which we’ll use to generate their personal dashboard and optimize our coverage recommendations

Add and compare eligible plans

Employees can compare your organization’s coverage options with benefits offered by a spouse’s employer, employers of children turning 26, or look at COBRA vs. the Marketplace —all from within the Predictabill platform

Review recommendations and select coverage

Based on your employee’s preferences, Predictabill’s algorithm will analyze all options to make a personalized coverage recommendation, which the employee can accept, tweak, or change

Take it from our clients

We’ve helped many companies provide better benefit guidance.

“Predictabill helped our organization make the most of our benefits offering by giving our employees a clear way to compare coverage options.”

“After three decades worth of open enrollments, Predictabill finally flipped the script and actually engaged our workforce during this pivotal decision-making period. Our people are happier than ever with their health plans, and we managed to cut coverage costs by 18% compared to the previous year.”

“Predictabill made it super easy for me to compare my plans vs. my partner’s plan, ultimately helping us make a decision move our family off my company’s plan.”

Ready to elevate benefits management at your company? Meet with our team to learn how Predictabill can help.