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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll get a personalized dashboard showing your deadlines, the cost of all of your options, with the ability to double-click into different healthcare scenarios and change your inputs if your needs change or if you’d just like to see how your insurance works. You’ll also receive access to an insurance concierge who will answer your questions 24/7, ensuring that you have answers in time to make informed decisions and which plan to choose or which doctor to see.

Nope. Predictabill is a separate product that helps you understand and analyze the health insurance being offered to you. If you get your health insurance through your employer, then any premiums you pay are deducted from your paycheck before you get paid. If you get your health insurance through the Marketplace, you’ll pay premiums directly to the insurance company you choose. It works a bit differently if you get your health insurance through a school or a union, but we can help with those plans too.

Not unless you want to! You can sign up for digital access at, or if you do want to talk to a person, sign up for a free consult at . Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions — keep in mind that email is not secure, so please don’t mention any of your protected health information.